“Melissa is not only an excellent therapist, she’s also an incredible life coach – if that is what you need! She has continually provided with me with tools to navigate tough situations and assist me in being my best self. From emailing me journal prompts to providing book recommendations, her encouragement always aligns with my personal goals and interests. I look forward to our sessions and am grateful for her time and services! Everyone needs a “Melissa” in their life – and if you’re able to work with her, I highly recommend that you do!”

“I have been seeing Dr. Campbell for a couple years now maybe. Dr. Campbell helped me rewire my brain, taught me how to handle my struggle with my self esteem, and negative self talk. She is quite possibly my brain surgeon. I’m very thankful that I get the help I need from Dr. Campbell!”

“Dr. Campbell (Melissa) has been great so far. She is supportive, logical, practical and results- oriented. I think Melissa is intuitive and she gets what I mean as I am saying it! She has offered a compassionate ear and she really listens. I feel better each week knowing I have a plan to discuss issues with her. I am grateful to have found her.”

“I’ve worked with Melissa personally for the past several months. She’s been nothing but fantastic in many ways, her patience, compassion, and dedication to my growth been nothing but amazing. When you decide to put your treatment in someone hands that care Melissa Campbell would be a excellent fit. Through my continue struggles she continues to support my efforts in getting better. I would highly recommend Campbell and Campbell.”

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Melissa Campbell! She came highly recommended to me by a close family friend and when I heard about her and her services, I knew I had to see her. When I first started seeing Dr. Melissa Campbell, I was in a terrible mental state and she has helped me completely rework my way of thinking for the better. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, she goes above and beyond for her patients.”

“Melissa is the definition of what every therapist should thrive to be. She is, without a doubt, the most empathetic, knowledgable, kind, and professional therapist around. For the many years I have been with Melissa, I can honestly say that after each session, whether through telemed or in person, I actually feel better and more content than beforehand. My life problems seem manageable, and I actually feel like my thoughts and feelings were heard and validated.
I would recommend Melissa to anyone, no matter what their issue may be!!”

“Melissa is an amazing person to work with when it comes to sorting out your life and dealing with anxiety. She has helped me work through multiple losses and life changes and makes me feel comfortable to open up to someone to improve my mental health. Would recommend to all of my family and friends.”

“Amazing therapist. Melissa has been my therapist for a couple of years. She’s always helpful, open, kind, and nice to talk to. She’s helped me improve my life quite a bit over the years and I would definitely recommend her!”

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for Dr. Campbell. She has guided me through some tough obstacles in my life while remaining judgment free. Dr. Campbell is very easy to talk to and allows you to set your own pace on your journey. She genuinely wants you to succeed and you feel that in every conversation. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of guidance and/or support in their life.”

“I am very positive about Dr. Campbell, and would recommend her to anyone in these of counseling services.”