Dr. Campbell is an approved and experienced clinical supervisor who collaborates with licensed New Jersey social workers (LSW) working toward Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW).

Clinical supervision can be a wonderful system which nurtures professional growth and increases confidence for licensed social workers (LSW) working toward advanced licensure. This learning process can be complicated and feels overwhelming at times however advanced licensure can open amazing doors for a caring professional.

​Dr. Campbell currently has openings for supervision. If you are looking for a positive, professional experience to guide you toward advanced licensure call 732-784-7869 or email [email protected] to discuss clinical supervision. 

Documentation provided upon request.


“Clinical supervision with Dr. Melissa Campbell was an incredible personal and professional experience.  Her approach is one of gentle openness and fastidious professionalism.  Dr. Campbell connects with you on all levels.  Not only are you able to explore diverse case conceptualizations, she creates an environment for one to explore themselves as a burgeoning clinician and as a blossoming human being.  Dr. Campbell listens deeply, partners with you as you develop your professional and educational goals, and constantly asks the questions you have not yet asked yourself.  She doesn’t hesitate to give you the feedback you need, and does so with a constructiveness that can be elusive.  She’s extraordinarily organized, flexible, and responsive.  Dr. Campbell is warm and is a consummate professional.  One of my fondest memories of my time with Dr. Campbell was sharing one of my own discoveries of a therapeutic tool that was successful with one of my clients.  Her support and celebration of my own professional successes catapulted me further into my own practice and helped me build the confidence and acumen I needed to be the highest quality therapist that I could be.  I truly couldn’t recommend her more.”

A former Supervisee